When we started making how-to videos for our customers six years ago, we didn’t expect such an overwhelming response. Some of our videos have netted hundreds of thousands of views, and they’re consistently being reposted on forums and even our competitors’ websites.

Currently, we have over 140 videos on our YouTube channel, and we aim to make at least two new videos per month. If you’ve ever wondered what the story is behind these videos, we’re about to tell you.

Why We Offer How-To Videos

Years ago, one of Precision LED’s founders purchased an interior LED kit for his brand new Lexus. The kit came in an unmarked box without any instructions at all. During install, he did irreparable damage to his interior. From that experience came the idea to start an LED company with premium customer support. Many aftermarket automotive parts companies offer just one or two generic how-to videos, but that’s not enough for us.

It’s pretty common for someone to buy an aftermarket part and then leave it on the shelf because they’re not confident installing it. We don’t want you to do that after buying one of our kits! We want you to start enjoying our LED light bulbs as soon as possible.
Precision LED video

How We Get Our Example Cars

We seize every opportunity we get. Typically, we borrow cars from friends, family, customers, friends of customers, etc. People let us touch their cars because they trust us as experienced installers, and we show our gratitude by installing their LED lights for them free of charge. Occasionally, if we’re looking for a specific year or model, we’ve also been known to rent the vehicle.

We gravitate towards cars we’ve never done before. It’s a great opportunity for us to learn more about a new car, and it allows us to provide better documentation to anyone who owns that make and model.

If you or anyone you know drives a vehicle that we don’t have a video for, let us know! If you’re in the LA area, we’d love to meet you.

Top Notch Customer Service

We can try to explain in writing how to remove a bulb or panel, but we know a lot of people have to see it to really get it. Our ultimate goal with the how-to videos is to provide the best customer support experience possible, and we think it’s pretty tough to beat step-by-step install videos.

We accompany our step-by-step instructions with pictures, clear close-ups, captions, and detailed descriptions. We also offer email support to anyone who needs clarification on something covered in one of our videos.

Check out all of our videos here, and keep an eye on our YouTube channel for new additions!