I’m going to walk you through how to install Audi A3 interior lights. This installation will be compatible for models made between 2003 and 2012. Audi has a sensitive electronics system, which means if a bulb goes out, you’ll see a message on your dashboard that will tell you whether a bulb is out.

The PrecisionLED package includes the LEDs you can use to replace your old bulbs.

Audi A3 LED Package Contents and Features

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  • CANBus Resister Package LEDs
  • Professional Interior Trim Tools
  • Guaranteed No Error Warning Lights

You can watch the install video on our YouTube Channel, or read and print these instructions below!

Front Overhead Dome and Map Lights

Replacing the front overhead dome and map lights will be a two-step process. Use the crowbar tool to work your way around the rim of the clear lens cover to release it. You will see a few rails and clips holding it in place.

You can remove the existing bulbs manually with your hands and then replace them with the Precision LEDs. Since these are polarity-specific, you may need to reverse them if they’re not turning on.

To access the map light LEDs, you will use the same crowbar tool to release the panel from the overhead roof liner on all four sides. Just work your way around with the tool to release all four clips. On the back panel, you will be able to see where each clip is attached.

The map lights can be released by pushing and turning counterclockwise to release the bulbs. Then, take the new LED and insert the bulb, turning it clockwise to secure it in position.

Once you’ve tested all of the bulbs and made sure they work, you should put all of the trim panels back into place. Start with the cover that holds the map lights in place first and insert the dome light cover to finish up your work.

For the front overhead dome lights, you will be using the pointed wedge tool to release the vanity mirror housing from the overhead lining. Use the pointed end on the side that has the indentation to pry out the housing.

Vanity Mirror LED Lights

You will then use the pointed wedge to release the metal-backed reflector plate to gain access to the bulb. You will be replacing the bulb and first testing it before reassembling the housing back into the liner to make sure it works. This will also be a polarity-specific bulb, so if it doesn’t work then reverse it and insert it again.

Place the metal backing back into place before reinserting the light back into the roof liner.

Audi A3 Trunk LED Install with Resistor

The trunk light will require two tools, along with a resister and quick-splice connectors in order to install the light properly.

The first step is to remove the trunk light housing from the liner. Using one of the wedge-shaped tools, gently pry from the spot with the indentation on the plastic lens. Once you have it off, you will need to remove the connector to gain better access.

At this point, you will want to pry off the ends of the connectors that are in place.

Once you have the housing removed from the wire connector, you can go ahead and use the quick-splice connector included in your kit to tap into the ground and power wires for the resister.

Once that resister is wired in, you can go ahead and use a pointed wedge tool to open up the casing. Go ahead and replace the halogen bulb with the LED. Then, close and open the trunk to activate the trunk light to test and see if it works. If it doesn’t work and the light isn’t working, it means the connection for the resister is not making contact.

If it works fine, insert the resister into the slot where the housing goes and then reinstall the trunk light housing back into its position, and then you’re done!

If you have questions just leave a comment below or email us at Email will automatically open up a service ticket and one of our amazing support specialists will do their best to assist you.

Purchase the PrecisionLED Audi A3 Package Here!


-Phil @ PLED